euphraxxia: How do you remove the "random" page :c I don't really need it.

Go to Customize and click on HTML

Scroll down in the theme code until you find this:

<a href=”/” class=”nav”>home x</a>

<a href=”/ask” class=”nav”>askme x</a>

<a href=”/archive” class=”nav”>archive x</a>

<a href=”/random” class=”nav”>random x</a>

Remove/Delete the last line:

<a href=”/random” class=”nav”>random x</a>

Once you remove the random link, save.

tougherthan-leather: Why won't my background change for this theme? (idk the theme name so if youll just look at my blog?) THANKS♥

To change the background, go to Customize and click on HTML. Scroll down in the code until you see this:

body {

color: #999;

background: #ebebeb url(;

Replace the URL between the parentheses with your own background URL.

Preview, then Save.

queenforalifetimee-deactivated2: Hi just wanted to ask how do i make my avatar not moved together with the scroller if i scroll down my page. My avatar does not remain in the spot where it has to be, it goes as well as you scroll down. i just want my avatar remained in place, thank you!

Go into your Customize section, and click on HTML button

Scroll down in your theme code until you find this:


Under that line, paste this:


Preview and then Save.

Adding position:fixed; to any DIV layer it will make it stay in place. Hope this helps :)

ladyin-red-deactivated20130719: How do you add more pages to the theme, like about me & a link page?

Go to “Customize” and scroll down until you see “Pages” and click on that.

Then find “+add a page” and click on it, it will give you a pop up window and that’s where you create the page.

Under Page URL, give the page a name. Example: /aboutme

Add a title for that page, and add the body content in the bigger text area. Click save and done. 

To add the link on your sidebar, go under Appearance on the Customize section and add the Link Name and Link URL where its asking for it.

Hope this helps, any more questions use the Askbox :)

discodork: I want a theme of yours but I want the comments I put on pictures to be posted as well. I don't want to fuck up your work but I want to use the one with the all gray bg.

If you’re talking about this theme

Then all you have to do, is go under Customize, click on Appearance and check the box next to “show captions” Save. 

nevergrowup-h: 0k. I have one of your themes but i dont like it that the title letter is so small and the color of text. I cant figure out how to change it :/

To change size and color of text, here is what you do. Scroll down in the HTML section where you have the theme code until you find this:

body {

Somewhere under that you will see a line that reads:

color: #000000;

This is what gives the text color, to change it you need to look in a color chart, visit for it.

Click on the color that you like and it will give you a code. Now go back to the theme, and delete#000000and replace it with the code the color chart gave you.

To change the text size, look for the line:


to make it bigger change the 11 number to any bigger number. For a smaller text, change it to 10px or 9px.

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